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I have continued to build my relationship with the Nottingham Theatre Royal as the therapist recommended to travelling productions that perform at the venue. Last month the stage production of ‘The Jungle Book’ was in town. I was lucky enough to pop down to the theatre on a number of occassions. I  had a number of sessions with members of the cast to help them battle through what has been a gruelling schedule for them!

Jungle Book

With such an action packed show it is inevitable that the performers will all experience times that challenge their physical capabilities. I was called upon to help with one member of the cast who had suffered a hamstring tear. One week had passed since the injury and with a full performance schedule to get through, this session was all about advic on how best to manage the injury and what he should  be doing to rehab the hamstring. It was also important to address compensatory movemetn patterns that had developed since his injury so that he did not go on to experience furhter discomfort.

 One member that I worked with was suffering back complaints due to certain movement requirements of his role that placed large amounts of stress on his body. We were able to test to determine what muscles were were held in high tone and then release them with advanced soft tissue mobilisation techniques to try to create better function and resotre balance through the back.

Another performer had been having ongoing issues with sciatica. I worked through a wide range of techniques and offered plenty of remedial advice for him to continue to work on his issues to eliminate his symptoms.

They were a lovely bunch of people, and I am pleased to say that I was able to help all of them in some way.  It is always great fun working at the theatre, in a completely different environment to my usual work. I enjoy learning the demands of different types of show on the performers bodies.

Hopefully my next visit to the theatre Royal will be for another great show!


To check out the latest schedules for Nottingham Theatre Royal, see the link below:


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