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ESF EVENTS – Football Festivals.

I have just returned from another busy weeked working at a great football event – ESF Events Football Festivals!

This time round it was a football festival held at Butlins Resort in Skegness. ESF Events hold large junior football events all around the UK over the Spring period.

I travelled up from Nottingham to be in attendace with my Sports Massage Therapy tent and was on hand to provide soft tissue therapy to all cometitors. Whether it be sports massage, assisted stretching, joint mobilisations, sports taping, or just some good old fashioned advice!

The weather was on top form which lead to a great weekend of football in the sun!

Due to the nature of these events, the teams had to compete many times over the course of two days, without much time for recovery. Alot of tired legs passed through my tent and plenty of invigorating sports massage was utilised to keep the player’s body’s firing and ready to go!

Another common complaint for the weekend was knee pain. This was a mix of impact injury and just general overloading of the body. I used tape in a lot of cases to try and off load the relevant structures nad to offer some support, where possible, to the knee.

Not only did I get stuck in with plenty of therapy for the players at the event, and also offered plenty of advice to parents relating to their own musculoskeletal complaints! – The adults need attention too, and so there were various point in the weekend that I had the parents…and even referees, on the treatment table receiving their own much needed sports massage therapy.


Next weekend sees me return tp Skegness, only this time I will be working at a Rugby League competition. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of issues the players come to see me with there!


ESF Events
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